How to keep your throat healthy

Our throat is one of the most complex structures of tissues, nerves, blood vessels and glands. It hold important roles and functions, which is why it needs to be looked after. When we happen to get affected by some disease-causing microbes or ignore taking preventive measures, we end up with problems and at times, even damage to the associated organs and the tissues.

It is necessary to learn the methods and preventive measures and take good care of our throat to protect it from developing any serious disease. Know the different ways of keeping your heart healthy and infection free-

  1. Protect your throat against cool temperatures- Our neck and throat are among the most overlooked sources of heat loss from our body, and they are very likely to get affected when exposing to cold air and lesser temperature. So, one should get in the habit of draping a scarf around the throat to keep the area protected during cool weather.
  2. Gargle with salt and lukewarm water- Gargling every night with a glass of lukewarm water and just a pinch of salt has multiple benefits; it is not only beneficial in the disinfecting of the mouth but also protects the throat from infections and cold during flu season. Tampa ENT specialist recommends gargling with warm water with a pinch of salt added to it.
  3. Whenever you happen to develop any kind of throat problem or infection in your neck, mouth and other areas, consult the ear, nose, and throat doctor Tampa. Never ignore any symptoms or any inflammation, redness or puffiness in your throat, uvula and lesions in the buccal cavity that you happen to notice.

Have the affected area or body part checked routinely by Florida ENT specialist. If your ear and hearing ability gets affected, have your listening checked by an audiologist and specialist. If you happen to have a hard time hearing those around you, contact the specialists as soon as possible.


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